Secure email delivery with limitless analytics

PhishShield helps you build trust between your users and the email you send. With advanced analytics, easily analyze user engagement to help make informed decisions about your business.

Security and advanced analytics.
Completely built-in to send your application's email.

Phishing defense

Establish an additional layer of trust between your email and your users by including a security image in the emails you tell us to. Since this is only known between PhishShield and your email recipients, scammers can't reproduce it. Your users know what email to trust, and what to ignore.

Security alerts

Receive alerts if your users engage with your email from countries or IP addresses you've blacklisted or whitelisted.

No download required

Unlike endpoint security solutions, PhishShield just works. Set up phishing defense and start securing your email in minutes.

No limits on analytics

Competitors limit historical data that is accessible from 3-30 days and exclude key data points like location and browser information. We don’t impose any limits on your data.

SQL access

Need an aggregate report of every touch point from customers in Los Angeles? Intelligently query your data to answer hard questions with SQL.

Integrates seamlessly

Start sending email through our relay in less than 10 lines of code. Integration is easy with any framework, including Express.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Spring. Contact us to set up a pairing session to integrate PhishShield in your app.

Your business needs, met.

Email Delivery
Phishing Defense
  • Reliable email delivery that automatically scales as your business needs grow
  • Receive an alert if one of your IP addresses is detected on a spam blacklist
  • View engagement data at a glance
  • Build trust with your users by letting them verify email they receive with their security image
  • Reduce the number of phishing and fraud cases your support and security teams have to investigate
  • Improve your compliance posture and reduce liability in the event of a breach

PhishShield gives you full control of your data. Easily visualize and query the following information:

  • Location information including GPS coordinates
  • Browser, email client, and device information to help you understand what platforms to optimize for
  • Timestamps your users engage with your email to help you determine the best time to send email and the average send/open latency
  • Activity events like clicks and opens